How To Make A Double Neck Guitar

 How To Make A Double Neck Guitar


While many bands don't need a guitarist with a double neck guitar, they're just cool. Of course, some bands do have the need, such as Rush, in which guitarist Alex Lifeson played a 12-string and six-string double neck on stage, and bassist/singer Geddy Lee played a four-string bass and six-string guitar double neck to give the band the full sound they wanted. Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page also played a double neck guitar on "Stairway to Heaven" and discovered that if you leave the pickups turned on on the 12-string body while playing the six-string, you can get resonance to add to the sound. Here are some tips to make your own double neck guitar.



one:Get two guitar bodies that are the same thickness. These can be cannibalized from other guitars or bought as separate pieces. They need to be the same thickness to have a smooth, level top when combined. Two Stratocaster-style guitar bodies or two Telecaster-style bodies will work well.


Two:Get two guitar necks that will fit the bodies, one with a 12-string headpiece and one with a six-string headpiece, if you want the standard six/12 combination. You also can combine a bass and six-string or any combination you want. You also will need at least four pickups. Humbuckers are best for the 12-string, but you will need to cut the holes in that body to fit the double-width pickups. They work better for a 12-string because they cut down on noise and feedback. You probably want single-coil pickups on the six-string body if you intend to play solos, since they will give you sharper sound


Three:Cut the top edge of the six-string Strat even. This will not intrude on any of the functionality of the guitar. However, when you cut the bottom edge of the 12-string body, you will want to move the controls, jack and pickup selector to the top side of the body, because to get a flat edge, you will need to cut into the body where these are located. Jimi Hendrix preferred the controls on the upper edge of the guitar where he could get at them more easily. You also could use a left-handed-cut Strat body to avoid having to recut the section for the knobs, selector and jack.


Four:Use very strong wood glue to combine the two bodies once they both have facing flat edges. Put the glued body in vices to solidify the bond. Leave the combined bodies in the vices for at least two to three days before working on the finished guitar.


Five:Sand the body as needed where the two guitars join to get rid of excess glue and to make an even bond. Paint your double neck before attaching any of the pickups, controls, pick guards or necks. Use guitar paint for the same kind of finish you would expect on a manufactured guitar.