Your Guide To Double Neck Guitar

Your Guide To Double Neck Guitar
Almost all the guitarist has secretly fantasy in their heart, on a great stage, in front of the numerous audience fluid performance a solo on a double neck guitar. True, in fact, lugging around these two-headed monster is a kind of painful, but they are worth, they let you have the opportunity to play two separate guiars in one song, so it can be a very valuable tool. In addition, if carry such a strange guy started to individualize your rock playing still not able to make you look cool, then it's not science; just don't get all Cheap Trick and start playing a seven-neck guitar. Only Rick Nielsen can pull that off. 

Dean Dave Mustaine VMNT 


Dave Mustaine is a famous guitarist and sony writer who write some of the most evil riffs of all-time with Megadeth VMNT double neck guitar, so this guitar is twice as evil. It has a 12 string and 6 string guitars in one body (half of the tuning shaft is at the other end of the guitar), the beast will allow you a spark of 18 string of blowing power. Plus it is equipped with a hardcase, this is a good thing, because we can't imagine to find a will meet case for it in your local stores. 

Gibson EDS1275


Jimmy page is undoubtedly one of the most famous double neck guitar players of all-time because he used the batboy in small song named "stairway to heaven", which makes the Gibson double neck the holy grail of two-headed axes. It is also equipped with six and 12 string on the neck, the guitar of SG shape far less embarrassing than most of its rivals. You only need to mortgage your house to afford it, but it's worth it. 

B.C. Rich Bich


BC Rich Bich is not for everyone, but if you want a double neck guitar to get the best shredding and squealing, then do not look at anything else. This mahogany monster has the classic B.C. Rich body shape as well as a baritone filter knob, coil tap switches and reverse phase switch, meaning that you can manipulate your tone with infinite possibilities regardless of which neck you're tearing up.It should be noted that, be careful when playing it, this thing has a lot of pointy edges.

Gretsch Jet


If you like a sparkles, boy have we got a guitar for you. Gretsh G5566 is the lassic double neck guitar model designed by Brian Setzer. In fact, although most of the double neck guitar is made up of 12 and 6 string guitars, but this double neck guitar has a pair of guitar necks which is combination of standard and alto axes in a convenient unit, this will make you dozen notes wide spectrum. In fact you are the only limitation is the fact that you have two hands; Believe us, you will hope you have an extra one through this biggs than vibrato add some extra nasal to your performance. 

Celebrity CSE225-8TY


For us, Celebrity CSE225-8TY double neck guitar always with Richie Sambora playing related "Wanted Dead Or Alive," but if you are looking for a acustic guitar which feeling like an electric guitar, this is the one for you. Sported a killer EQ, the shape of a super shallow bowl and 18 strings of this guitar, twang power allows you to easily switch between 6 and 12 string around the neck, even though it has a built-in pickups, sound hole is so resonance that chances are you won't need it.