How to Play a Double Neck Guitar

A double neck guitar allows a guitar player to switch instantaneously between two types of guitars. It is available in multiple configurations, but the most common is a 12-string setup on the top and a six-string setup on the bottom. Between the two necks, different volume knobs, tone knobs and different pickups may exist. Read on to learn how to play a double neck guitar.
Tune both necks of the guitar so that it suits you. You can set both necks to the standard EADGBE tuning, or you can experiment with different tunings on the top and bottom necks.
Enable one of the necks to play the guitar. On all double neck guitars, there's a switch on the guitar that allows you to switch between each of the necks. Flip the switch up to enable the top neck, flip the switch down to enable bottom neck and leave the switch in the middle to allow you to play both.
Practice playing the double neck guitar to familiarize yourself with it. To get the hang of it, you must practice switching between both necks of the guitar. Start slowly and gradually pick up speed. In time, you should be able to switch seamlessly between both necks.