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When one guitar just wont do. Two heads are better than one!

Make your own double neck guitars!


As you see, we are a custom guitar shop, which means you can customize any kind of guitar from us. Especially we specialize in custom all kinds of double neck electric guitars. Of course in a reasonable price.

We have lots of experience on building guitars. During last few years, we have many double neck guitar customize orders from our customers. Double neck guitar seems getting popular these years. We bought professional drawings and meticulously studied this electric guitar, thus we can grasp every details of processing technique. After a series of break-in and skilled process, finally we are doing so well on making any unique guitar body shapes especially on double neck guitars, thanks for their trust! However, we take unrestricted customize guitar orders, there are endless combinations leave only your imagination as the limit.


The fact of double neck guitars


According to the guitarist's personal needs in different performance, the double neck guitars are able to switch between different timbre, range and pitch conversion. Playing a double neck guitar, you can fast convert the timbre or pitch. It is a very good solution and smart option to whom need to quickly change guitars during the performance.

Of course the looking of a double neck guitar is very shocking and cool, the double neck guitar playing can be one of the highlight points of the performance.

But, the cost of the double neck guitars are very expensive. Most double neck guitars are pricing at least thousands of dollars. Other side, the styles of double neck guitars are very limited, most styles are customize models, they only made a few in a kind and you might not find it in the market at all.


Our Customize Service is the best solution of these matters.


We specializes in hand-crafted double neck guitars to meet your style. We bought professional drawings and meticulously studied this electric guitar, thus we can grasp every details of processing technique. So all of our guitars are flawless when it comes to craftsmanship. Besides, they are absolutely 100% hand-made.

Customize guitars are organized into different styles. Your are able to choose from many options, the body wood, neck shape, up-grade pickups and bridge, finish, etc., Also there are many ways to customize a double-necked guitar, such as the number of strings on a neck, frets or no frets, the tuning used on each neck, etc. there are so many combinations, just tell us what you need. For the finish, we offer variety colors and style, glossy or satin, we even have professional graphics-artist and master term of relic work to do guitar relic and hand-painting, etc. All these things can be done here for you. Of course, the logo on the headstock is up to you, or if you like, we can design a new logo for your own for FREE!

The way to order a guitar from us is very easy, we only need your simple idea of the guitar in your dream, something like a picture to show your rough idea and some detail descriptions, then we can draft out the blueprint of it and get it done in 2 mouth time. This is really a good news for those maverick rockers. If you are one of them who wanna have a unique stylish guitar, why not customize a guitar here, not that expensive and very fast.


Do you want a very special guitar with your own signature on the body or headstock and with your girlfriend's portrait or other interesting pictures on it? Yes, this is a very attractive idea, but the price? OK, if you order a guitar like I said above, in other custom guitar shops, all this jobs together will cost you thousand dollars and you have to wait more than half a year, but here, all guitars selling under $1000 (double neck price a bit higher but under $1500, most single neck guitar price around $550 ), we have very skilled craftsman and short response time, mostly we can build a guitar in 2 month time!


This is so cool and rock n roll, isn't it! So, what you waiting for? just come to us!

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