Custom Shop

Generally, there are two kinds of guitar custom shops you might find.


The first kind is some sort of semi-custom shop.  They only have several certain style of guitar bodies and necks , even they say they have many options of style, but it still has limit;  you only able to choose from their ready made bodies and choose from their limited color section to be the finish, etc. in the end, you still don't have too much freedom on your 'Customized Guitar', because their guitar bodies are ready made, maybe they were bulk ordered from some sort of guitar factory, but anyway,  they only need to change a bit details on it to fit your requirement,  so the work are lots easier for them.  Normally it takes about 2-4 month to get your guitar done.  But you can not really get what exactly in your mind for the optional restrictions.  Actually, this kind for guitar are not exactly hand-made guitar since their guitar bodies are not hand-made.  We can only say it is a semi-custom shop. Normally this kind of custom shop do not have any extra services like graphic design, hand-painting or guitar relic. Their price also not that expensive but still at less thousand dollars.

The second kind is the true guitar custom shop who can exactly copy your commend and build up the guitar in your dream. They will maximum care about every details of your requests and no matter how strange of the body shape you need, they will provide technical support for your inspiration.  This kind of custom shop seems best for us, but there are some bad news. Because the huge amount of tedious work during the process, it will take a very long time to build up your guitar, at less 6 months.  And mostly,  there is a long queue in their considerable waiting list so that the total waiting time have to extent extra 4-8 months or even more... The waiting time will drive you crazy, it seems gonna take forever.  In fact, all custom  shops of those big brands are this kind of custom shops.  Of course if you have money and time,  you might wanna try order a guitar from them.  But some our clients' stories told me that the experience might not really enjoyable.    I heard some one told me that his last guitar was ordered from a 'Big brand custom shop',  took him about 18 months to get it and the result - just so so.   In the business field, you know 'time is money','time is life '. fully reflected this time.  Time brings your money to them and Time cost your life on waiting.  On the other hand, the cost of a real customized guitar from this kind of custom shops are very expensive.  You have to pay for the every single piece of work on the guitar, just the guitar, it hasn't counted any of other additional services yet, like the inlay design, graphic design and paint, etc.  If you like a hand-painted graphic on the guitar or design a new graphic for the fretboard inlay? I am sorry , you have to pay for other thousand dollars for it.  

Now you know the facts of the guitar custom shops already. You might  curious about why we telling you these things.  Okey, there are some advantages of both kind of custom shops, but the disadvantages also obvious.  People like the advantages and don't like the disadvantages.  Is there any guitar custom shop can have all the advantages,  but do not have any of the disadvantages?  Let me tell you, 'Nothing in the world is flawless and perfect.', but there must be some one can make it better.  Here it is, you just got it, our custom shop might be your better choice.

Compared with the merits of the first kind of custom shop, those semi-custom shops

Their Advantages:    

 1, They have relatively short  waiting time.  2-4 months is their best results for a normal guitar order , some times longer.  // We even shorter than them, mostly we only need 1-2 months to complete a guitar order. Hand-paint and relic guitar cost longer time but must be done in 2 and half month.  // First round:  We win

 2, The prices of them are less expensive than those real customized guitars from 'big brand's custom shop, but still over thousand dollars. Then you have to pay extra for some modifies, like choosing different finish, modify fretboard inlay, etc.   //  The price of our customized guitars, here you can see,  almost the lowest price you can find for a customize guitars. // Second Round : We win

  3, They are doing ordinary jobs on guitar building. These guitars are not from those 'big brands' or made by some sort of master luthiers, so their guitars good enough to play just like normal guitar but nothing special.  //  We are also not 'big brand', but the materials we use and the jobs of our skilled craftsmanship, plus our value-added services hand-painting and relic service, our guitar could be more then ordinary.  // Third Round : We win

Their Disadvantages : 

1, Their guitar shapes are ready made products, not able to change too much. You can not get an exactly customized guitar same as the dream guitar in your mind.  //  We have very strong ability on guitar customizing, so we don't have this disadvantage at all. // Fourth Round : We win

2, They do not have much more extra service supports. Hand-paint and relic services are not some thing that every custom shops are able to do,  you have to find the right shop carefully. Even they have, the cost for these services will bright up the price a lot.//  We have many of extra services available for our customer to choose.  // Fifth round: We win

Compared with the merits of the second kind of custom shop, mostly those 'big brand's custom shop'

Their Advantages: 

1,  Every part of the guitar can be customize,  you can make up your dream guitar.  // This point definitely is our strengths ! We take all kind of customize orders, plus 100%  handmade.  // First Round : A tie

2,  They have strong abilities to do some special work for you, like fretboard inlay design, body graphic design, hand-paint, relic, etc. // We also have very strong abilities on some special works, fretboard and body inlay design, body  graphic design, hand-paint, relic etc. all these works we can do for you, mostly for FREE. // Second Round : A tie

3, The quality of their work is at less ordinary, some of them are out standing, it is really depending on how much you paid for it.  // In this point, I have to say again, we are not 'big brand', but the materials we use and the works of our skilled craftsmanship could be more then ordinary.  But a very important point is their guitars are ten times higher price than ours.  Please think about the ratio of price and performance. //  Third Round: A tie, we can not judge which is better, it really depending on your mind.

4, Most of them have big name which you can show off. // This is the only thing we do not have right now.  But our FREE logo design service could be a good compensation. You are able to design your own logo or your own signature on the body or headstock, this is also very cool to show off. // Fourth Round: A tie

Their Disadvaytages:

1, Very long time waiting time//   This thing  will not happened here never ever. // Fifth Round : We win

2, Very expensive price.  For all points of advantages showing above, you have to pay big money for them.  // Most our extra services are FREE, it will be only a little amount service fee even if any of these services request an extra charges . // Sixth Round : We win


Do more practical things and indulge in less empty talk.  Now , let's see some thing More practically.


Materials of our Guitars




The most important material in the construction of a guitar is the tonewood.  The sound produced by the electric guitar is not going to be transmitted into the air by the wood vibrating but rather the vibrations of the strings are sensed by magnetic pickups that transmit them as an electronic signal to an amplifier which will further process the signal before its speaker transmits the sound by vibrating.  Many players will also place one or more effect processors between the guitar and amp which will further change the sound. The result of this is that while the wood may play a role in the sound produced it is certainly not of the same importance as the wood of an acoustic guitar. 


There are high priced electric guitars that have bodies made of one single piece of wood but most have some form of laminate including many expensive guitars.  


A greater variety of tonewood is used for the construction of our electric guitars.  The wood include maple, mahogany, alder, ash, poplar and basswood, etc.  For electric guitars, mostly we use 2 pieces laminated woods to make guitar bodies.  ( Single piece of wood body is available on upgrade option, but the price will rising too much, so it is not recommended. )   All of our tonewoods are aged and dried naturally. These tonewoods are harvested and prepared from the highest quality selected trees and prepared for the construction of fine handmade guitars.  All our tonewoods are naturally seasoned at less 3-5 years.  Moisture Content under 8% .  Only these kind of tonewoods can guarantee the quality of the guitars. 


 AAA grade Veneer Sheets


We choose the best  AAA grade veneer to improve the appearance. The grain of these AAA veneers is very clear and beautiful, the color is pure, fresh and natural. These AAA veneers are smooth and flat, easy to use and can strongly stick tight on the guitar body. These veneers are creating an brilliant feeling of elegance on your guitars. And again,  there are many different grain you can choose from, quilted maple,flamed maple grain, birdseye maple grain, linden wood grain, etc. You just need to tell us which grain you like the most, we will make the veneer on your customize guitar for you.



Sample of our maple veneers: 



Flamed Maple: Quarter sawn, very popular amongst high end handmade instrument makers, the traditional back and rib wood for the violin family. It has become popular amongst electric guitar and bass Builders. Looks awesome.


Quilted Maple: Popular with very high end handmade guitar and bass  Builders. High Grade is becoming very rare. High Grade looks incredible.


Spalted Maple: Becoming very popular with electric guitar and bass builders, it looks amazing when finished, with it's pinks, oranges, light and dark browns and black lines. Some spalted maple has flaming and quilting in it also.


Pickup and Hardware 


Our default pickups, bridges and hardware are Wilkinson guitar parts. 




High performance, low cost guitar and bass hardware designed by the UK’s leading guitar guru – Trev Wilkinson. Wilkinson brings many years of expertise and engineering knowledge to a new range of guitar and bass hardware.


These new designs may be LOW in price but they are BIG on features and function. Wilkinson guitar and bass hardware was established 20 years ago in California and its simple, functional, user friendly designs have become "standards of the industry". They are demanded by professional players and discerning guitar companies around the world. This new range pays homage to the more ‘traditional’ styles of the past but, by utilizing many of the features of the unique Wilkinson designs, we feel that they are unsurpassed in tone, style and function. Extra special attention has been paid to all key areas of the manufacturing process.


Whether you are building a ‘vintage style’ instrument or a new ‘cutting edge design’ guitar or bass, you will find the answer to your hardware choice from Wilkinson.


If Wilkinson products can not reach your level, there are many upgrade options available, please tell us what exactly you need, no mater pickups or hardwares or bridge, we will try our best to meet your requirements. 


 All Our Guitar Customize Services


A sloppy Luthier can take master grade tonewoods and build a instrument that sounds like a brick, and a experienced Luthier can take sub-standard tonewoods and build a nice sounding guitar.  Surly, with our very experienced luthiers here, we are making some very nice guitars.  These great luthiers and skilled craftsmanship, we are able to do lots of things for you.  


1 Blueprint is the foundation of the guitar building process.  Our luthiers will draft the blueprint of the guitar after we receive the orders.  Through many times of surveying and drawing, they have to integrated all the known information to sorting out the exact parameters, skilly used computer software to output a much detailed schedule drawing, including each part of the guitar. Customer submitted photographs will help our luthiers to create it more accurately to meet the customer's specific requirements.


2 During the guitar process, we are sparing no effort to  pursuing the perfection of details. From the appearance, the painting of finish, the inlay, the binding, the position of knobs, etc. We spend energy to carefully compared the location, size, color and shape with customer submitted photos, make sure the maximize similarity . This is impossible in other shops.


3 We strictly follow 'Serious processing and strict quality inspection procedures'  to ensure the quality of our guitars.  Every piece of fret wire are carefully polished to ensure the smooth hand feeling, much more manual sanding process and more times coating spraying processes make brilliant guitar finish,  The extra spray processes will guarantee the guitar surfaces exceptionally bright.


4 We provide guitar ultimate customization service,  you can order any special designed guitars.  We do have absolute advantage in make various shapes of guitars. We have professional designers to do the custom drawing, with professional software and other design tools to design the exact guitar you want thus great extent to help you build your ideal guitar.  Also we can specially make the neck profile and thickness to suit your palm or your needs.   Also our professional hand-painting artist and relic team completed lots of guitar at work.  FREE logo design really add something special on your guitar...


5 Most double neck guitar models are customized models for some guitarists.  They launched in a limits numbers. Most of them are very expensive.  You may be in love with a guitar but you can not even find it on the market at all.  Our custom shop can help you to make it for you. We specializes in hand-crafted double neck guitars to meet your style. We bought professional drawings and meticulously studied this electric guitar, thus we can grasp every details of processing technique. So all of our guitars are flawless when it comes to craftsmanship.  With access to the skilled craftsmen in our Custom Shop, your dream SG doubleneck can literally turn into reality. 





To order an unique guitar,  please request a quote for your custom guitar via email.


When confirming this order, please provide your full shipping/billing address and email. We will send you an invoice with your guitar specifications and Paypal Bill.  We will not proceed with this order until we receive payment… the custom quote is valid for 30 days.


Full price must be paid before the construction will begin.


International orders – accept PayPal or Western Union Money Transfer.


All prices are quoted in U.S. Dollars but may be paid for in the client’s local currency (equal to the U.S. Dollar amount at the time of quote).


All our guitars are individually hand crafted and our build time may vary from 4 weeks up to 12 weeks or more (depending on the customer`s specs).


Shipping is not included and will be quoted at the time of order. All guitars are sent directly after your agreement. 


If you have any other questions or comments, please contact us.



You may virtually design your own guitars, after which you can attach the pictures of your custom guitar to us and we will have a much clearer understanding of the exact guitar you require. This is only available for certain models and is not essential.  We will contact you via email with your quoted price (including shipping costs) within 3-7 days.