S.F. band Strange Hotel stays The Course, Musically Speaking

S.F. band Strange Hotel Stays The Course, Musically Speaking


 If you’re into indie rock layered with a bit of soul and a dash of prog rock, then check out Strange Hotel. The San Francisco band’s first record, “All the World Is a Strange Hotel,” came out in March.



FAS: A friend burned me a mix CD when I was in junior high, and on it was the song “Rock and Roll” by the Velvet Underground. The guitars were so beautiful, and the lyrics really gripped me. It’s all about an isolated and rather cynical girl who discovers the magic and freedom of rock ’n’ roll. It was the first time I had heard music that I could really relate to on a personal level.


FAS: It sometimes feels like pulling teeth to get people to go to shows here, and with this new influx of young urban professionals in my neighborhood, I’m beginning to feel like a homeless person when walking down the street to practice with my guitar. It definitely does not seem to be “cool” to be in a band in San Francisco at this point. App designers are the new rock stars.


FAS: “All the World Is a Strange Hotel.” We’re all dealing with our own personal problems each day. Wondering why are we here and what the heck are we supposed to do. Hopefully during the time of our existence, we realize we ought to live for the things we love and the things that matter to us during our “stay” in this hotel, so to speak. We as band mates love music. While we lodge in this world’s experience, we’re going to do that.