Jimmy Page Delivers Demo Gold with Led Zeppelin IV Re-relea

Jimmy Page Delivers Demo Gold with Led Zeppelin IV Re-release


Jimmy Page, the multi-inductee Rock-and-Roll Hall of Farmer and keeper of the Led Zeppelin flame, has kept himself busy this year through the re-release of Zeppelin’s music catalog.
Now with the re-release of the band’s most famous album, the untitled fourth record (or “Zo-So” as it is sometimes called), there is a real plum for A/V dealers looking for new demo content. It will feature alternative versions of Zeppelin classics including what is arguably the greatest rock song ever recorded: Stairway to Heaven. As part of the deluxe versions of the release, Page and the band are offering the Sunset Sound mix of the most-played FM radio song of the 1970s.



As part of his promotional tour, Page tells Rolling Stone the Sunset Sound version sounds good, but it is not the version people grew up listening to.“The Sunset Sound mix of Stairway to Heaven was actually mixed at Sunset Sound in L.A. in advance of the version that everybody knows,” Page says in the article. “I think it’s a really good embodiment of everything that’s on there. It’s a guitar mix, really.”


Comparing the original version and the alternative Sunset version, there are subtle differences that include the increased use of reverb on John Bonham’s drum’s and Robert Plant’s vocals, the increased separation of the multi-guitar tracks in the song’s bridge section, and the greater focus and level of John Paul Jones’ Mello tron keyboard parts on the bridge sections. Page’s outgoing lead guitar solo is also slightly different than the original 1971 release.


The fun thing about a demo comparison of this Zeppelin classic is that it is great content for dealers. Not only is it a song that people clearly know, but it also provides a new way to demonstrate gear with a 40-something year-old song that people still love.