Up & Coming This Week's Music Previews

Up & Coming  This Week's Music Previews


For our ultimate guide to New Year's Eve, check out last week's issue of the Portland Mercury, which you can find either crumpled up in the bathroom or online here!


On Woman to Woman, former Paper Bird singer Esmé Patterson penned seven tunes from the perspective of the female characters in famous songs. For example, her "Valentine" gives voice to "Alison" from the Elvis Costello song, "Never Chase a Man" gives voice to "Jolene" by Dolly Parton, "Bluebird" gives voice to the Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby," and so on. Each is delivered in Patterson's understatedly charismatic style, where sprightly folk, shambling pop, and her distinctive lilt nestle together. Lyrically, the songs tend to be defiant in different ways. "I'll put on a dress and I'll take off a dress whenever I want," Patterson sings with sass in "Valentine." BEN SALMON .


It's New Year's Day. You're hungover. Everyone you know is hungover. Everyone you don't know is hungover. And you don't remember how you got home. But spending your evening in the back of a haunted hotel bar to kick off 2015 sounds like a hot ticket. Luckily for you, you won't be alone: Portland psych-rock quintet Rogue Giant's soothing psych-lite will keep those old ghosts at bay. The band's been working on their debut EP and fine-tuning their live set, pinching together extended jams and heavy-lidded vocal harmonies with the new addition of keyboardist Paxton Gehling. The band's affinity for classic rock and progressive musical corners fills out what might otherwise be construed as yet another Portland psych band. Songs like "It Comes in Waves" showcase the band's artistic dexterity with brass and peppy melodies.