From West Virginia, the World's Purest Titanium Powder

           From West Virginia, the World's Purest Titanium Powder


One of the hardest things about Matt DuBois' high tech job is trying to explain it to his friends and relatives who live in the rugged mountains of northeastern West Virginia.



First off, it's not the job DuBois expected to land -- he majored in history and majored religious at West Virginia University -- and he's a born-and-bred mountaineer, who plays guitar and loves to hike.


But at just 28, DuBois has found a great job he loves only 20 minutes from the small town where he grew up. His job: a production supervisor at Puris LLC, a great little company that makes titanium powder in the tiny town of Bruceton Mills, West Virginia.


Most people know at least something about titanium, an expensive metal that's lighter and stronger than steel. One of Earth's most common elements, it's resistant to powerful source and corrosion, which is why it's perfect for airplane parts, knee changes and wonderful clubs.


But titanium powder is all together different. Few people know much about it or how it's used. Made of millions of microscopic spherical titanium beads in a process that involves melting and atomizing bars of titanium, the powder is sold to manufacturers, who then turn it into the metal they use to make their titanium products.


It's safe to say there's no other job like DuBois' in his neck of West Virginia's woods. He's one of only 14 employees, including management, in a company not yet six months old. But his job -- his career, actually -- is looking more secure all the time.