Don Felder Hotel California Eds-1275 Guitar

Don Felder Hotel California Eds-1275 Guitar

Don Felder Hotel California Eds-1275 Item No.: 20141001GUITAR_004


Original Don Felder Hotel California Eds-1275 Guitar Information


Neck Species

The necks of the Don Felder Hotel California Eds-1275 are constructed from three pieces of sturdy maple for increased stability.


Headstock Angle

The Don Felder EDS-1275 headstocks are carefully angled at 14 degrees, just like those on the EDS-1275 of the late '70s. A back-angled headstock increases pressure on the strings and helps them stay in the nut slots. An increase in string pressure also means there is no loss of string vibration between the nut and the tuners, which equals better sustain.

Tonal Characteristics

The angled, classical-style peg head and maple neck work together to provide exceptional tonal richness and resonance from the neck, with enhanced string definition and presence thanks to the maple.


Neck Pitch

The necks are attached at a 4-degree angle


Fingerboard Species

The Don Felder EDS-1275 is equipped with two rosewood fingerboards.


Nut Material

The nuts on the Don Felder EDS-1275 is made from Corian, which is mainly composed of acrylic polymer. This popular synthetic alternative to bone offers a very durable material, delivers enhanced sustain, and holds the tolerances of the precision cuts made in the slotting process. It is installed into the top surface of the neck, butting up to the end of the fingerboard to ensure proper tone and sustain transfer, and its nut slots are cut with Gibson's PLEK system to ensure precise fit, break angle, and string spacing.


The Don Felder EDS-1275 fingerboards carry acrylic split-parallelogram position-marker inlays, just like the original EDS-1275 of the '60s and '70s.



Gibson uses what is known as the mortise & tenon joint to bind neck to body so that the two pieces form one solid unit. This time-tested technique has been used for millennia in all the great woodworking arts—from shipbuilding to cabinetry—to create one solid wood unit from two separate sections, and has been proven to yield a stronger neck and body than if the instrument was made from a single piece of wood.


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