Steve Clark

Steve Clark, to most of us, will be remembered as one of the most talented rock guitarists to play the stage during the 80’s. Steve was the “heart and soul” of Def Leppard’s music. He was known by his fellow musicians and fans as the “Riffmaster”, and Steve “Steamin’” Clark. The day the music died got new meaning to Def Leppard on January 8, 1991. Steve’s life would end prematurely that day, and a great musical talent would be silenced. What many fans did not know at that time was that Steve was the driving force behind Leppards’ music. He wrote most of the music, most of the riffs and orchestrated most of their songs through the Pyromania era. Their biggest hit, Photograph was also riffed by The Riffmaster. Steve played with pure emotion; his soul bled through his guitar. Steve was not interested in speed playing, but rather pression through guitar playing; his solos seemed to recreate the mood and feeling of the songs from which they were played.

Steve’s stage presence also earned him nicknames. He was commonly called “White Lightning”…. because he looked like a lightning bolt flashing across the stage.

Steve once commented on his idol, Jimmy Page: “He’s the whole package, he writes the songs, he arranges the songs, he plays the leads, he produces in the studio, and on stage, he is one hell of a showman.” Steve learned from the best and added that extra 80’s muscle to the sound. Steve always stated that he was more of a traditionalist when it came to guitars. This can be seen in his selection of gear. At the time of his death, it was estimated that he owned approximately 75 guitars. In 2007 Clark was ranked #11 on Classic Rock Magazine's "100 Wildest Guitar Heroes".

Pay Special Tribute to Steve ---- Anniversary 22 King Steve,
It’s been 22 years since “The Day The Music Died”…and here we go on with our daily lives, getting older and wondering about what musical magic you could have shared with us over the course of time. Your fans around the world all still remember your unique command of the stage, your songwriting skills, your guitar playing, you style, your natural coolness – it just radiated effortlessly from you, and that dazzling smile that we were treated to at times.
Right from the beginning you had a brilliant musical brain and I am so proud of you.
I’m not quite sure whether you realized just how talented, respected and loved you were – and still are today. To me you were the best dammed Rock Star this world will ever see. And what else I loved about you so much was that you were a real gentleman – a truly decent bloke as well as being a real musician.
And in 22 years time… my feelings will still be as strong as ever for you.
I miss you… I love you,

His gears during the Hysteria tour include other SG doubleneck guitars.

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