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Rickenbacker 4080 Double Neck Bass Guitar

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The guitar pictures here aim to show you our ablity of what style we can build, and provide some reference for your custom plan model, so if you want to customize the guitar you want, please email us and make a enquiry.
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Rickenbacker 4080 Double Neck Bass & Guitar 

Rickenbacker 4080 Double Neck Bass & Guitar Item No.:20140915DNRB
Rickenbacker 4080 Double Neck Bass & Guitar Item Market Price:US$7750
Rickenbacker 4080 Double Neck Bass & Guitar
Item Specifics: 
Period         1975-1985
Body type Solid Body
Neck joint Bound maple
Scale         33 1/2 inch and 24
Fret                 20 Fret bass/ 24 fret guitar
Neck wood Maple and Walnut
Fretboard Rosewood
Control           2 Volume, 2 Tone, 1 bemd. 2 3-way switches
Pickup(s) 3 single coil/1 horseshoe
The Rickenbacker 4080 Double Neck Bass & Guitar was a double neck guitar consisting of a four-string bass for the top neck and a six-string or twelve-string guitar for the bottom. The original 4080's was built for Geddy Lee of Rush for four of their albums: A Farewell to Kings, Hemispheres, Permanent Waves, and Moving Pictures.
This Rickenbacker 4080 Double Neck Bass & Guitar is very rare and ultra cool Rickenbacker guitar. Rickenbacker started making a limited production run of doublenecks in 1975 - before that they were special order only – with three models – onejust guitar (12-string /6-string) and two with guitar and bass – the 4080-12 (4-string on top, 12-string on bottom) and the 4080 (4-string on top, 6-string on bottom). This solid body Jetglo Rickenbacker 4080 is fitted with all its original factory parts, standard 20 fret Rick bass neck and 24 fret guitar neck, two standard Rick pickups per neck, five control knob , two three-way selector switches. This is the ultimate Rush / Geddy Lee Rickenbacker 4080 Double Neck Bass & Guitar
Geddy Lee used the White Double neck bass and guitar Rickenbacker 4080  on A Passage To Bangkok on the Hemispheres tour through the Moving Pictures Warm Up in late 1980. He used the guitar part during the guitar solo
Rickenbacker 4080 Double neck bass  guitar , White in the song and that is why you hear two guitars. Although they played A Passage To Bangkok on the Snakes & Arrows tour in 2007- 2008, Geddy did not use the double neck bass guitar. Instead he used his Black Rickenbacker 4001.


This Rickenbacker 4080 Double Neck Bass & Guitar is available in our custom shop 
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And please, don’t be hesitate to contact us if you have any question. 


  • Anonymous user
    '' I am very interested in your Rickenbacker 4080 copy bass/guitar. I would like it just as it is pictured on your website. You can put the Rickenbacker name on the truss rod covers but after you're done I'd like you to take off the truss rod covers and the screws and put them in a bag in the case so it won't be a problem going through customs. How do I order?  ''
    Reply Pls check your email
  • Anonymous user
    '' Does the 4080 come with a case?

    How much does adding 2 outputs cost?

    Reply Please check with your email.
  • Anonymous user
    '' Have any close up pictures and further details on the Jetglo 4080? ''
    Reply Please check with your email.
  • Anonymous user
    '' can you make a 4080 with a 12 string guitar neck In natural finish? what woods are used? what is price with hardshell case? where is guitar made? is there a guarantee/warranty? do you use a single or dual truss rod? ''
    Reply Please check with your email.
  • Anonymous user
    '' Rickenbacker 4080 style

    Is the hard case attached?

    ・Do you also purchace from Japan?

    ・Can the head logo be orderd with the Rickenbacker's roster?

    ・I would like to see close-up pictures of Bass's bridge and guitar tailpiece.
    and I want to see a detailed picture of the real thing. ''
    Reply Hello,

    We have send you the details to your email address.

  • Anonymous user
    '' Does it come with a case? ''
    Reply Please check with your email.
  • Anonymous user
    '' Is this like an exact copy of Geddy Lee's? ''
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  • Anonymous user
    '' The jetglo 4080 looks amazing, I would love one. Please contact me. ''
    Reply Dear customer,

    We can make it for you.

  • Anonymous user
    '' info on jetglo 4080/12 ''
    Reply Dear customer,

    The details has been send to your email box.

  • Anonymous user
    '' this Rickenbacker style 4080m double neck:
    can you make it with a Rickenbacker style 12 string on the top and bass on the bottom? ''
    Reply Dear customer,

    Thanks for your comment so much.

    You know we are a custom guitar shop and we can make the guitar with your personal requirement.

    We have sent the further details to your email box and pls check it. Thanks.


  • Anonymous user
    '' i love it and i want it. ''
    Reply Dear:
    Thanks for your comment and looking forward to doing a business with you.
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