Pete Townshend

Pete Townshend also used a SG doubleneck guitar for a brief period in the year of 1967. He typically used this guitar for the opening numbers, such as Substitute. Townshend added flexibility to their instrumentation by playing a SG doublenecked guitar.

Nothing says rock ’n’ roll more than The Who’s Pete Townshend flying through the air with his arm raised over a electric guitar in mid-windmill strike.

Pete Townshend is an English rock guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and author, known principally as the guitarist and songwriter for the rock group The Who, as well as for his own solo career. His career with The Who spans more than 40 years, during which time the band grew to be considered one of the most influential bands of the 1960s and 1970s, and, according to Eddie Vedder, "possibly the greatest live band ever." The Who were the final performers at the 2012 Summer Olympics closing ceremony in London, performing a medley of "Baba O'Riley", "See Me, Feel Me" and "My Generation".

Townshend is the primary songwriter for The Who, having written well over 100 songs for the band's 11 studio albums. He has also written over 100 songs that have appeared on his solo albums, as well asradio jingles and television theme songs. Although known primarily as a guitarist, he also plays other instruments such as keyboards, banjo, accordion, ukulele, mandolin, violin, synthesizer, bass guitar and drums, on his own solo albums, several Who albums, and as a guest contributor to a wide array of other artists' recordings. He is self-taught on all of the instruments he plays and has never had any formal training.

Townshend was ranked No. 3 in Dave Marsh's list of Best Guitarists in The New Book of Rock Lists, and No. 10 again in Rolling Stone magazine's updated 2011 list of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time. Townshend was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of The Who in 1990. Many rock guitarists have cited Townshend as an influence, among them Slash, Alex Lifeson and Steve Jones.

He used the SG doubleneck model made famous by John McLaughlin from September to November 1967. Several photos of Townshend playing this guitar exist, most with the necks not in straight parallel, but at an odd angle, although one photo with the necks straight in line does exist. Some have theorized that Townshend smashed the guitar, which was broken lengthwise, repaired with an off-center body joint, and possibly refinished. This repair caused the necks to have a slight “V’ shape. According to, a fascinating and exhaustive source of information on the band’s equipment over the years, this guitar made its first appearance at the Anaheim Convention Center on September 8, 1967. It was the band’s second-to-last date on that tour after a four-day break, so Townshend may have bought it in California during that time. Or, it may have been purchased at Manny’s in New York City before the band went out to Los Angeles, where they were recording The Who Sell Out.

In the poster of Townshend’s solo album poster All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes, he held a white SG doubleneck guitar.

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