Jeff labar

Jeff Labar with his light yellow SG doubleneck guitar. This is the only one I have seen that has this kind of finish. Some people think that is a aged white guitar. There is some sense. But whoever knows how many years it has experienced. Or maybe it’s just a relic guitar, which certainly can be done by some guitar custom shops like us.

Jeff LaBar is an American guitarist most famous for playing in the band Cinderella, in which he replaced original guitarist Michael Smerick. LaBar also has a side band with Cinderella bandmate Eric Brittingham called Naked Beggars. Cinderella had has a temporary break-up in the mid-1990s. LaBar and Cinderella recently continued to bring their brand of hard rock, blues and metal to audiences nearly three decades later. Cinderella, which is an American heavy metal band brock out of the Philadelphia glam music scene, brought us lots famous songs like "Shake Me," "Nobody's Fool" and “Shelter Me.” They emerged in the mid-1980s with a series of multi-platinum albums and hit singles whose music videos received heavy MTV rotation. They were famous for being a glam metal band, but then shifted over towards a more hard rock/blues-rock sound. By the mid-1990s, the band's popularity declined severely due to personal setbacks, break-ups, and changes in music industry. Nonetheless, after a period of hiatus the band reunited and is still active at present. The band has sold 15 million albums worldwide, according to Tom Keifers official website.

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