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Guild Crossroads Slash Double Neck Guitar Green

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Any logo is possible for us to make it on the headstock, just tell us what you want, thanks :)
The guitar pictures here aim to show you our ablity of what style we can build, and provide some reference for your custom plan model, so if you want to customize the guitar you want, please email us and make a enquiry.
Our email address: service@doublenecksg.com


Guild Crossroads Slash Double Neck Guitar Green Specifications:

 Solid body sized hollow acoustic/electric with humbucker at neck and piezo acoustic in its acoustic bridge. About 40 made and about 30 sold (according to Guild).
• Carved mahogany body half solid
• Mahogany necks
• Rosewood fretboards
• Maple top
• Trans Green finish,High Gloss
• 22 frets on both necks 
• 25.5" scale length both necks
• Pearloid Dot Inlays and Block with nabla abalone shell
• TOM-style bridges with stop-plate tailpieces and an acustic bridge on anther side
• Chrome hardware
• 2 Volume, 2 Tone, 1 three-way pickup selector
• Wilkinson Pickups H/H

If you don’t like this default setting , you can always request us to modify any thing to your own specs.
Upgrade Pickup option: original Seymour Duncan pickups 

Designed by guitarist Slash, who first sketched the guitar at a roadside diner in Hollywood, the Crossroads model is both an acoustic and an electric. The carved mahogany body is solid under the six string and has an acoustic sound hole and chamber under the twelve string. The guitar features a custom double neck 6 and 12, a high gloss lacquer finish, a maple top, a mahogany neck, Seymour Duncan pickups, and a Fishman transducer and preamp. Comes factory equipped with long-lasting Guild L3 50 phosphor bronze strings.

The Crossroads is truly a no-holds-barred guitar which players can use for any style to change quickly from acoustic to electric, without having to switch from one guitar to another midway through a live performance. Slash specified that he wanted to create the same Guild tone that he uses in the studio, but live on stage. This guitar can do both.
Color Options :

Generally we are using Mahogany as the default wood to make guitar bodies. But you are able to choose other different kinds of tonewoods to customize your guitar. Many body wood options available like Alder, Ash, Basswood, Maple, etc. Neck and fretboard wood also optional,Mahogany/Ebony, Mahogany/Rosewood, All Maple, Maple/Rosewood, etc. You can always tell us which woods exactly you need on your guitar.

For the best final result, you might would like to choose some beautiful Veneer Top, there are many different grain you can choose from, quilted maple,flamed maple grain, birdseye maple grain, linden wood grain, etc. You just need to tell us which grain you like the most, we will make the veneer on your customize guitar for you.
Sample of our maple veneers: 

In additional, we have very strong and powerful graphics-artists and professional relic team. They are able to hand-paint any difficult paintings on the guitar for you, they can even turn a new guitar to a great vintage looking. No matter how hard it is, we will do it for you, as long you give us a goal, we will get to the destination as you wish. 

Our default pickups, bridges and hardware are Wilkinson guitar parts. 
High performance, low cost guitar and bass hardware designed by the UK’s leading guitar guru – Trev Wilkinson. Wilkinson brings many years of expertise and engineering knowledge to a new range of guitar and bass hardware.
These new designs may be LOW in price but they are BIG on features and function. Wilkinson guitar and bass hardware was established 20 years ago in California and its simple, functional, user friendly designs have become "standards of the industry". They are demanded by professional players and discerning guitar companies around the world. This new range pays homage to the more ‘traditional’ styles of the past but, by utilizing many of the features of the unique Wilkinson designs, we feel that they are unsurpassed in tone, style and function. Extra special attention has been paid to all key areas of the manufacturing process.
Whether you are building a ‘vintage style’ instrument or a new ‘cutting edge design’ guitar or bass, you will find the answer to your hardware choice from Wilkinson.

If Wilkinson products can not reach your level, there are many upgrade options available, please tell us what exactly you need, no mater pickups or hardwares or bridge, we will try our best to meet your requirements.
If this guitar showing on this page is not your dish, or you can not find any guitar same as your dream here, why not just make a customize order from us, we are happy to take your special customize orders! We are able to take your customize order for any type, any style guitars, Just contact us and let us know what you're looking for. Send us some pictures to show us your idea, we will discuss the details and options together to figure out what the best for you. Please read our "Custom Shop" for more information.  Please don't be hesitate to contact us if you have any question. 

Do you want a very special guitar with your own signature on the body or headstock and with your girlfriend's portrait or other interesting pictures on it? Yes, this is a very attractive idea, but the price?
OK, if you order a guitar like I said above, in other custom guitar shops, all this jobs together will cost you thousand dollars and you have to wait more than half a year, but at here, all guitars selling under $1000 (some double neck price a bit higher but under $1500, most single neck guitar price around $550 ), we have very skilled craftsman and short response time, mostly we can build a guitar in 2 month time!
This is so cool and Rock n'Roll, isn't it! So, what you waiting for? just come to us !
Samples of our hand-painted guitars 
You can choose any graphic design to hand-paint on your guitar. This is 100% hand-painted and coating with guitar finish, all graphic done in very professional way, the graphic will never rub off, as the time goes by, these graphics and the guitar will continue distributing pleasing charms. 

 Sample of our designed logo on headstock

This service is totally FREE when you order any guitar from us ! 



Read our "Custom Shop" for more information and 

Please don't be hesitate to Contact us if you have any question. 


  • Anonymous user
    '' What kind of acoustic pickup and preamp are on the 12-string?  ''
    Reply Pls check your email
  • Anonymous user
    '' Is there a switch to switch the output from the 12 to the 6?
    If not, how is this controlled?
    Also, can you do this with maple fingerboards with black markers? ''
    Reply Please check with your email.
  • Anonymous user
    '' are the necks,set in,glued in,neck thru body.or bolt on for this model? ''
    Reply Please check with your email.
  • Anonymous user
    '' I'm interested in having this built with a 6/6 version. ''
    Reply Please check with your email.
  • Anonymous user
    '' Hi
    I like this guitar double neck crossroad,
    What is the weight of this guitar?
    And how much more for the head stock logo?
    Michel from Canada
    Ps: are you shipping to Canada
    Reply Please check with your email.
  • Anonymous user
    '' I would be interested in a 6/6. Please could you send details of cost, delivery time and possibly a list of available finishes. Is there a custom case for the guitar. I live in Singapore so could collect ''
    Reply Please check with your email.
  • Anonymous user
    '' More info on 6/6 ''
    Reply Please check with your email.
  • Anonymous user
    '' Hi
    i want this guitar 6/6 string ver but i am living korea
    can you delivery this country?
    thanks ''
    Reply Please check with your email.
  • Anonymous user
    '' Can you have the Slash Guild 6/6 be ordered with a Cherry Sunburst similar to Ace Frehley's sunburst? Can you send guitar options also. Thank you ''
    Reply Please check with your email.
  • Anonymous user
    '' Hi!

    If i want the 6/6 configuration on black, it change the price?
    The hardshell case' price?
    Reply Dear customer,

    Thanks for your comment so much.

    We can make you the 6/6 slash guitar.

    The further details have been sent to your email box and pls check it.


  • Anonymous user
    '' Hi. Please send me more info on the doubleneck (guild). I am interested in this but have no info on you or quality of the guitars you build. Thanks,

    Jay ''
    Reply Dear,

    We have send you the details to your email box.

  • Anonymous user
    '' would it be possible to get this in a cherry sunburst finish? ''
    Reply Dear:
    Yes, sir, it is nice and there are many colors to choose for you, we can make it following your hobby.
  • Anonymous user
    '' Can I order this guitar without the logo? Does this price include a case? ''
    Reply Dear

    yes of course, about the hardshell case question, pls check your email box for the details.

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