Gordie Johnson

Unique combination of traditional blues and hard-rock

Gordie Johnson is a Canadian musician, best known as the front man for the reggae-rock band Big Sugar, and later southern rock band Grady. He is also the bassist for blues rock band Wide Mouth Mason. Johnson is a producer having done albums for other artists. He is also the songwriter/cowriter of numerous hit songs in many genres.

Gordie and Kelly -- Photo is from a Big Sugar live performance in Barrie at Georgian College, sometime in 1997.

Gordie Johnson of Grady playing doubleneck guitar in Winnipeg Manitoba at the Zoo on October 18, 2008

Gordie Johnson pulls off a riff on his prize possession, a doubleneck guitar given to him by Alex Lifeson of Rush. Something to note about this guitar. Even from a distance, it's very easy to spot that’s a Page version SG doubleneck. Obviously, the stop tailpiece is lower from the bridge. Very rare white Page’s version SG doubleneck. If you’re interested in this white gear, please see our Custom Shop.

Gordie Johnson has recently become one of my favorites. He plays guitar really well and really loud. Incredible rich and fluffy guitar tones. Very melodic solos and great slide playing! Great voice, too.

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