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Blueberry Handmade Double Neck Guitar

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Any logo is possible for us to make it on the headstock, just tell us what you want, thanks :)
The guitar pictures here aim to show you our ablity of what style we can build, and provide some reference for your custom plan model, so if you want to customize the guitar you want, please email us and make a enquiry.
Our email address: service@doublenecksg.com

Blueberry Handmade Double Neck Guitar 


Blueberry Handmade Double Neck Guitar Item No.: 20140920GUITAR_007

Blueberry Handmade Double Neck Guitar Item Market Price: US$6500


Original Blueberry Handmade Double Neck Guitar Information


This Blueberry Handmade Double Neck Guitar with intricate celtic bird motif carvings was originally designed, hand-built and sold in November 2009 (our 611th guitar).Blueberry Handmade Double Neck Guitar come with Gotoh Tuners and D'Addario medium gauge strings. 


This hand-carved Blueberry Double neck Guitar had an Alaskan Spruce top with hundreds of hand carved grooves on the surface of the body. The woods used on the back and sides were Balinese White Angel Wood and the necks were a combination of Rosewood and Mahogany. The upper neck of this guitar is multi-scale (fanned fretted). This allows each string to be optimally tuned at proper tension and is ideal for players who want to play in drop down tuning. There is also a sound monitor port on this guitar, allowing the player to hear very clearly what the audience will hear as the sound projects upwards towards the players ear, as it is being projected forwards. The inlay on the fretboard was Balinese White Angel wood and the carving on the headstock was Balinese White Angel wood which was stained and inlayed into the Macassar ebony headstock. The fretboard was also made of Macassar ebony. The nut and saddle or all Blueberry Handmade Double Neck Guitar are made of bone and there is an adjustable double action truss rod that uses a 5/32 Allen key.




This Blueberry Handmade Double Neck Guitar is available in our custom shop!


Looking for a great piece of Orignal Blueberry Handmade Double Neck Guitar? We can customize this Blueberry Handmade Double Neck Guitar for you at very attractive price! All Hand-made guitar, brilliant craftsmanship, compared with all other custom shops, with our great advantages, we definitely can be your best choice!


With our comprehensive Blueberry Handmade Double Neck Guitar customized service system, you will get the best experience of making your own guitar! 


1. Our guitar has very high cost performance ratio. All our guitars are 100% Hand- made by our highly skilled craftsman, 100% customized for your requests, up to 95% similar to your provided sample picture, no mater it is a very different kind of body shape or complex hand-printed finish guitar, or even a relic vintage style guitar , all these request can be fulfill here in a very reasonable price. These price is only a quarter of other custom shop price or even cheaper. It is the lowest price you ever find to customize a guitar.


2 All customize orders will finish in 1 month and send out immediately to you. This is a incredible short time to build a guitar, it is impossible to be done in other custom shop.


3 No Risk at all! This is very important point. As long we finish your guitar, HD photos will provide to you for reference. You can check it and find any thing you don’t like, we will modify it till every details done perfectly to meet you requests. Even you still can not accept the final result, you are able to request for full refund.


Order Blueberry Handmade Double Neck Guitar with confidence!


With these three great advantages, many of our returning customers ordering from us again and again, our custom shop has been the “dream factory” for lots of guitarist and dealers. You are not the first one buying from us, but you must be a special customer of us. Every customers are special for us, we will use 120% enthusiasm to help you to complete your ideal, let’s build-up your dream guitar together ! 


If you this guitar showing on this page is not your dish, or you can not find any guitar same as your dream here, why not just make a customize order from us, we are happy to take your special customize orders! 


The way to order a guitar from us is very easy, we only need your simple idea of the guitar in your dream, something like a picture to show your rough idea and some detail descriptions, then we can draft out the blueprint of it and get it done in 2 mouth time. This is really a good news for those maverick rockers. 


Just contact us and let us know what you’re looking for. We will discuss the details and options together to figure out what is the best for you. Your business is important to us and we want to provide you with the best customer service we are capable of.  We want this to be the best guitar-buying experience you’ve ever had.


And please, don’t be hesitate to contact us if you have any question. 

  • Anonymous user
    '' How big is it? can I get measurments and a small video of someone playing it? Best Oskar!  ''
    Reply Please check with your email.
  • Anonymous user
    '' Dear Double Neck Team

    I'd like to have a Double neck Guitar/Mandolin in this Blueberry - Celtic -Style. Without lots of grooves but still with the Birds. It should as well have piezo pickups.

    Could I have an offer for that kind of guitar with suitable case for it?

    Thank you
    Andy / Switzerland ''
    Reply Please check with your email.
  • Anonymous user
    '' I se it is possible to have a Blueberry with a six and twelve string format, could I have a price and with pictures, please? ''
    Reply Please check with your email.
  • Anonymous user
    '' Do you have a Blueberry with a 6 & 12 string configuration and if so what is the price and pictures ''
    Reply Dear customer,
    Thanks for your comment so much. We can make you the guitar. The further details have been sent to your email box and pls check it.
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